Career Exploration Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the cancellation steps?
If you need to cancel after registering for an event, student must notify the contact person found on the list of Career Exploration Event, in Step 1.

Q. What do these hands-on experiences consist of?
Hands-on experiences will vary among organizations. Some activities may include working in simulation labs, using medical equipment, and other interactive activities. See the list of Career Exploration Events for details.

Q. How soon will schools be notified if a student is a “no show” for an event?
If the event is a morning or early afternoon event, schools will be notified via email after the attendance has been taken.

Q. Why aren’t other healthcare organizations joining?
The launching of the Career Exploration Program is a new model in which many healthcare organizations have not implemented before. With this new program, we hope that more healthcare organizations will see its success and join in with the alliance.

Q. How will this affect classroom tours/field trips?
More organizations are starting to steer away from classroom tours. Classroom tours will be strictly minimal and up to the discretion of the organization.The goal of the Career Exploration Program is to provide students with interactive hands-on activities that will be more engaging to students.

Q. How can organizations take part in hosting an event?
If your organization would like to take part in hosting an event, please contact Diane Weiler.

Q. What does it cost?
Free to students, with the exception of Marshfield Clinic’s event.

Q. Can educators request areas of interest along with dates and times?
Yes, we welcome educators and students alike to submit suggestions of areas of interests as well as dates and times. Please send suggestions to Diane Weiler.

Q. After students have completed the career exploratory event, how do they sign up for the job shadows?
The intent of the career exploratory event is to give students a more enhanced experience. These experiences will replace individual job shadows. Organizations will no longer be hosting individual job shadows.

Q. If the school district is closed, will the event still happen?
If the student’s school is closed due to weather conditions, the student is not expected to attend an event.

Q. What is the criteria for student participation?
A student must be a sophomore, junior or senior at the time of the event and must be in good academic standing.