Career Exploration Events

How do I set up a 3 hour Career Exploration Event?

***Please remember…

  • If you are a high school student, you MUST attend a Career Exploration Event before being considered for a job shadow.
  • You MUST be a sophomore, junior, or senior to participate in a Career Exploration Event.
  • You MUST bring the signed Career Exploration Information/Authorization form with you the day of the event. Details on this Form will be STRICTLY enforced.
  • You MUST note the maximum capacity of the event. Registration will not be allowed if maximum capacity has been met. Events may be cancelled if registration is low.
  • If you need to cancel after registering for the event, notify the contact person in Step 1, found on the list of Career Exploration Events.
  • Be sure to check your e-mail regularly. If there are any changes to the event or if the event is cancelled, you will be notified via e-mail.

The North Central Wisconsin Healthcare Alliance places significant emphasis on readying high school students for a superior healthcare career experience in a premier professional environment. Parents or teachers must refrain from making contact to any of the healthcare facility representatives on behalf of the high school student(s). All communication concerning career exploration opportunities will be conducted between the student and the health care facility representatives. Adherence to this expectation allows the maximum growth of the student throughout the experience.

If you would like to attend an event at Marshfield Clinic, do not follow the steps below, click here. Then follow the steps on the High School Career Exploratory Program.

  • Identify the career you would like to explore and facility which offers that career exploration event. View the current list of available career exploration events.
  • Complete the online registration. Make sure all required fields indicated with an * are completed.
    ***Click SAVE only once when registering. Clicking/saving more than once will create multiple registrations.***

    Once you have identified the facility where you’d like to explore a healthcare career, click on the link below to register online.

    Click here to register.

  • Review and sign the Career Exploration Information/Authorization Form.

    • This form must be brought with you the day of the event, including Guardian’s Signature/Date.
    • If you forget to bring this completed form the day of the event, you will not be allowed to participate.

    Download the Career Exploration Information/Authorization Form.

  • Important reminders

    • You will receive and email confirmation following your registration.
    • If you have to cancel once your event has been scheduled, email the facility contact person listed in Step 1 and let them know you are not able to make the event.
    • Adhere to the dress code policy as listed in the Career Exploration Information/Authorization Form. Professional dress is required.
    • Eat something before you arrive.
    • Enjoy your event and say thank you!

  • Complete the Career Exploration Event Evaluation Survey after your event so we can continue to improve.

    Download the Evaluation Survey.