Clinical Placements

We are proud to be able to serve you in providing clinical placements throughout Central Wisconsin. The alignment of student health requirements will allow for a smooth transistion as you complete your student clinicals. Please follow the guidelines to ensure all requirements are completed prior to your clinical placement. The NCWHA would like to wish you all of you a successful clinical experiences.


  • Complete ALL health requirements and the background checks. Be sure to include proof of all health requirements (if required).
    Forms may need to be SAVE AS to properly be downloaded as a pdf.

    • Click here to download the Health Requirements Form.
    • Click here to download the Hepatitis B Form.
    • Click here to download the TB Screening Form.
    • Click here to download the Student Verification Form.

  • Complete the Orientation Training (per educational/organizational requirement).
  • Review and return all completed forms to your school representative or faculty advisor.

  • Final reminders

    • Be sure to check your email regularly.
    • Always wear your student badge and adhere to the dress code.
    • Always practice safety and comply with site regulations.
    • Ask questions if you are not familiar with something.