main impact of the substances

Viagra operates only in the presence of the natural arousal. After the sex, the main body calms down again. This method use of viagra is very efficient. In this simple tool of influence, which is not regarded as excitatory medicine, and is a special reputation, reviews of substances which make up a lot of people who raise their own sexual vitality.

Use the preparation should be inside for 30 minutes or hour before sexual intercourse. When the patient is overweight, the basic stuff is somewhat slower, somewhere after 1:00 after use.

Viagra soft-gives the opportunity to the most rapid results. Data pills have menthol flavour, they are not zapivaûtsâ. Arrange enough pill under the tongue and dissolve it. Thus, functional substance immediately gets into the blood, and the drug can be seen already after 15 minutes. This medication is allowed to combine with strong drinks and greasy food.

Gossip on the damage of the substance based on the fact that almost all the young representatives of stronger sex each day frivolously consume this product. For the guys that assigning the potency, medicine became the usual fun, but this can be a very sad, because you can do to lose your erection and become impotent.

Before you proceed with this healing medicine need to sign up for consultation to medical specialist, because there is a cycle of spin-offs which are obliged to recognize everyone who wants to test the impact of viagra.

The use of viagra may be fraught with headaches, various disorders of vision, založennost′û nose, red face, cardiopalmus.

Average daily dose of sildenafil 50 mg, but in some versions due to the specific qualities of the body it allowed to reduce twice or on the contrary raise up to 100 mg. Unbroken dose for patients who have pathology in functions of the liver or kidneys. To exclude an overdose and not suffer from spin-offs, it is not recommended to use this medication more than 1 times a day.

The main difference that exists among classical and virtual pharmacies, probably rascenočnaâ strategy. The cost of goods in the State Pharmacy permanent and actually similar in all pharmacy items, with the exception of private organizations.

That applies to virtual pharmacies, rascenočnaâ strategy varies in various price categories. Some firms set low price, and some was lifted. This is due to certain conditions of pricing:

  1. the presence or lack of collaboration with world manufacturers of viagra.
  2. the amount of the Consumer Foundation and the degree of notoriety of pharmacies.
  3. the characteristic properties of the substance. Cost of viagra is directly depending on the size of the functioning of the drug, that is the number that comes into medicine. The higher the value of the functioning of the drug, the more valuable the product.
  4. the product is a unique kind of Viagra or generic.

The middling cuisine price Viagra is in the 8-11 dollars and more.

The main impact of the substances is addressed to the resumption of a standard response to sexual arousal. You need to observe the fact that abstract and actual device physiological process that ensures an erection is unrealistic if the insidious body secretions of nitric oxide. It turns out NO excites catalyst guanilatciklaza, which increases the degree of recurring GMF. The muscles of the body weaken, tricky and the lump increases blood flow to the male genitals.

Conclusion for the above themes one doesn’t. This is due to the fact a precedent that its actions do not have such parts, which could affect the functions that correspond to infertility and impotence.

It should be noted that an independent diagnosis and independent Prescription Viagra is permissible if a man perfectly oriented in the presence of specific traits. Apart from this, for the independent appointment need to be at 100% certified in neimenii contraindications. But, tips, health workers are that it is preferable to resort under these circumstances, the assistance of highly qualified specialists. Certified experts with great experience and the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge will assist you in determining each time a source of difficulty and appoint viagra, when there is a need.